M & s Spielsachen

Play furniture and toys from BDSM`ler for BDSM`ler. 

Our philosophy

We build part-time solid wood play furniture according to customer specifications by hand.
We use only high quality materials and our products are all tested by us, because we ourselves actively practice BDSM. The furniture is also suitable for professional use.
All our furniture can be easily disassembled and reassembled without special tools. The relatives do not have to know everything.
Since all play furniture and toys are unique pieces, you can bring your special requests to us. Be it the color of the furniture, covers and restraints or the respective size of the furniture. Tell us what you want and we will build it.

Please contact us before you order with a short mail.

Our products for subbi care

Multifunctional play bench

Here are no limits to the imagination of the dominant partner. The subbi will have tears of joy in his eyes at the sight of this punishment buck.

Penalty and fuck bench

Penalty and fuck bench is perfect for spanking and fucking the subbis. 

Luxury Slingboard

Cozy, but consistent in the fixation.

This sling leaves nothing to be desired.

Bondage & Penalty Bench

A punishment bench ideal for all kinds of bondage and punishment games. The longer fixation of the subbis is
no problem here.

St. Andrews Cross

The classic among BDSM furniture.

Queening Chair

A boon for the femdom, a delight or torment for the subbi. This chair gives the queen many options.

Rubber Paddel

Pain can be soooo beautiful for the subbi.

Rubber Paddel XXL

Thus, the pain is usually at the limit of subbi.

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